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    Local Outreach Program: Mishé Designs LLC

    We appreciate this opportunity to share our designs with your company.  It is with great pride, and excitement, that we introduce you to our newly formed company, Mishé Designs LLC.  Mishé Designs was formed in order to manufacture a new line of positive designed clothes, Mishé.  The reason we created these designs, is because after seeing and learning about all the negativity that was being displayed on clothes for years teaching in the public school system, we saw a need for positivity through clothes that would be worn by men, women and children and could change the outlook of those who cross the path of an individual wearing one of Mishé designs.

    Mishé Designs clothing is designed to enhance that positive vibe the world has always embraced.  These designs are for consumers who want to look, and feel great, while displaying positivity with every move and step.  Mishé Designs clothes are designed for the positive people, on the go!

    Mishé Designs clothes are quality and durable, which I know your company and customers demand at a reasonable price.  We would love to show you my entire line, here are a few designs that will you’re your customers a positive vibe with every wear.  Hope we can create a solid connection!

    To help you further in making this decision, we are attaching a few designs that we have produce.  We are new and small, so we do not have an overstock on products.

    We are excited about this possible partnership and look forward to your positive response.

    Sincerely yours,

    Mishé Designs LLC

    Local Outreach Program: Fetti Bear™ Apparel and Accessories

    The Fetti Bear™ Story

    How It All Started

    In 2016 Fetti Bear™ was launched.  We didn't just want to place our Fetti Bear™ design on another brand's t-shirt and sell it to our clients.  We wanted Fetti Bear™ to be a brand that was all about comfort and style.  One that would not only make our clients look good, but feel great.

    For this reason and by understanding the importance of delivering quality and comfort, we set out to build a Fetti Bear™ culture and a Fetti Bear™ lifestyle.

    Our Principles

    At Fetti Bear™, we operate with integrity.  We believe that a product should look good and be produced from the highest quality material.  Therefore, we are committed to Luxury, Comfort and Style.

    As we continue to build, improve and promote, we believe that our clients will take on our brand’s identity as their own.

    Who We Are

    Fetti Bear™ is the next superstar in high quality apparel and accessories.  We've taken the urban colloquialism Fetti (which means Money) and introduced it into the urban fashion market.

    What We Do

    Fetti Bear ™ is a designer and distributor of apparel and accessories, uniquely crafted and designed to meet the needs of people who love comfort and style.  We pride ourselves on providing our clients with apparel and accessories they will love to be seen in all day - everyday.

    Welcome to the brand that was made with you in mind.  Welcome to Fetti Bear™.