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    Why did you move from Chesterfield Town Center to Regency Square Mall?

    Why did you move from Chesterfield Town Center to Regency Square Mall? - UPSTREAMERS

    So many customers asked us why we moved.

    We had to make a decision to stay at the Chesterfield Town Center by increasing our merchandise prices (due to high cost of operating expenses) or move to a space with low cost of operating expenses to keep our same low prices. 
    People say location is always the first in retail business, however, we believe serving high quality products with the lowest prices for our customers is our top priority. 
    This is the reason we moved our Chesterfield Town Center store to Regency Square mall in Nov. 2018. We are not a company only following profits but we try to follow our values as well. Regency store location has 9,641 sf and that means we can introduce more products to our local and online customers. 
    We decided to close every Sunday for all three retail locations starting in 2019 for our employees to take a rest and serve our customers Monday to Saturday. 
    We are concentrating more on our online business ( to overcome our location limitation and serve other customers. 
    Due to pandemic delivery issues and inflation of material costs, Upstreamers still keep the same price for most of our jeans and shirts since 2018.
    This is the way we serve our customers, if our local customers can overcome 15 min. to 20 min. driving the time barrier, they can experience the high satisfaction of saving their money. 
    We really appreciate our customers.
    Smart Shopping, Save your Money!

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