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    Join Our Design LAB Community

    We work with unique and passionate artists from all around the world to produce the most special, extravagant clothes on the market. Join us and start and creating your own brand and step forward for your dream clothing line.

    Submit a design for any or all of the product categories you find in our products! 

    Submit to

    When you're submitting your print files, we ask that they're at least 150dpi and at actual size. The resolution of any file is only as good as the dimensions.

    Artists can earn $50 (Initial Payment First for the Exclusive Selling Item only) and then 20% of net profits from the sale of each design in every month to their PayPal accounts.

    Our mission statement is to support prospective artists in our neck of woods to halfway across the equator and this new project will have a meaningful impact on the potential for every our Design LAB Community artist. We strive to make this happen and hope this change will inspire designers to continue to create, reach out, and expose their own creative masterpieces that can impact the world!